BlueProfiles: Sidebar categories

The categories and sub-categories used to capture the essential aspects of each reviewed project and presented on the sidebar on the left-hand side of each project

Blue space typeOcean; sea; natural lake; artificial lake; reservoir; urban canal; rural canal; large river with artificial banks; large river with natural banks; medium-sized river with artificial banks; medium sized river with natural banks; stream with artificial banks; stream with natural banks; waterfall or rapids; fen; marsh; bog; pond; outdoor public swimming pool or lido; ornamental water feature or fountain; mineral spring; thermal spring; karst lake; lagoon; backwater
Water-land interface typesHarbour; embankment; marina; dam; bridge; promenade; rip-rap; terraces/steps; aquarium; artificial island; natural island; fountain; sandy beach; stony beach; sand dunes; estuary; flood plain; marshland; 
Built environment typeCompletely built; highly built with low proportion of green; moderately built with moderate proportion of green; low built with high proportion of green; complete nature
Intervention scale (spatial)Single object; small site; moderate site; large site; linear development – single intervention; linear development multiple interventions
Project typesSeafront development; riverfront development; urban water feature; economic regeneration; cultural regeneration; public green space regeneration; infrastructure regeneration; cultural heritage restoration; urban waterfront restoration; rural waterfront restoration; wetland restoration; green infrastructure; urban design; flood protection; housing development; storm water management; sports facility; open quarry; outdoor recreation; habitat creation/restoration
Position in urban-rural gradientUrban core; inner urban; suburban; urban fringe; urban periphery; rural hinterland
Degree of visibility and openness of the waterFully open, full horizon; fully open, part horizon; partly open, partly enclosed; partly enclosed, part horizon; partly enclosed, partly contained; fully enclosed, fully contained; visible from vantage points
Perception and meaningImageability; legibility; focal point; knowledgeability; accessibility; sense of place; Genius loci; place identity; sense of ownership; feeling at home; place attachment
Health and well-being potentialitiesRestorativeness; tranquillity; attention; sense of being away; place affordance; increases socialisation; increased physical activity; aesthetic experience; better environmental perception
Type of interaction with waterVisual; tactile: touching; tactile – partly in water; tactile – fully in water