River Ljubljanica platform, Slovenia

Source: Breda Bizjak, BB arhitekti; photographer Jani Peternelj


Boris Podrecca, Atelier Arhitekti, BB Architeckti, Atelje Vozlic, Dans Architekti, Trije

Type of Area

Medium-sized river with artificial banks

Land/water interaction


Built Environment Types

High built
Low Green

Scale of Impact

District/ neighbourhood

Intervention Scale (Spatial)

Single object

Project Types

Riverfront development
Outdoor recreation

Urban/ Rural

Inner urban area

Visibility and Openness

Fully enclosed
Fully contained

Down to the River

Ljubjiana is a city renowned for its bridges and beautiful tree-lined riverside pathways and embankments largely designed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The city, however, lost its connections to the river and the old city fell into decline. In an effort to revitalize the once thriving riverside area and bring the city back into harmony with the parallel riverside streets, the city authorities decided to revitalize the public space along the river.

A series of small interventions were planned by BB arhitekti 2009-2011 The new interventions sought to bring a different perspective to the city by integrating the river back into the fabric of the townscape. The interventions made the river more present to the community and visible in the everyday functioning of the city.

The pier featured here, located near the new Zitni Bridge, or Grain Bridge, is one of twenty interventions planned for the river that flows through the heart of Ljubjana. Each intervention is unique. The Zitni Bridge intervention is constructed of several elements. A prefabricated concrete stairway and seating area leads to a platform built over the water. The pier itself is built on a steel pontoon and paved with wood. The pontoon moves up and down in response to the changing level of the water in the river.

The pier is connected to the concrete platform by an adjustable wooden and steel stairway. The intervention provides a connection from the city to the water level enabling visitors to perceive the townscape from an unusual perspective and providing a space to view the river or a platform for fishing. The concrete seating area on the embankment allows for sitting and contemplating the life of the river, including the boats that frequent it.

Perception and Meaning

Place identity

Health and Wellbeing

Place affordance

Interaction with Water